Your Medical Records

View and download your most up-to-date health records including current vitals, immunizations, some lab results, and other important health information.

Medical Records FAQs

Who can receive health information?

Anyone with proper authorization from the patient, parent, or legal guardian.


How can someone obtain a copy of his/her health information?

The patient, parent, or legal guardian must sign a Release of Information form that authorizes City Hospital at White Rock to release copies of his/her records to whom he/she has authorized. You will need to provide a photo ID.


What is the turn-around time for requested information?

Information will typically be mailed out within four business days.


How would a primary care physician obtain a copy of a patient’s record?

The primary care physician may always request these records directly from health information management. However, if your physician is on-staff at the hospital, he or she may have access to obtain the information through our physician portal. Otherwise, complete the authorization form with the physician’s information.

Is there a charge for copies of the record?

There is a fee charged for records based on the number of pages released and in accordance with the Texas Department of State Health.